Chauchat, Jean-Hugues

Honorary Professor, University of Lyon 2 (France), Faculty of Economics and Management

Member of the International Statistical Institute
Honorary Doctor of Kharkiv National Economic University

Research interests:
u Datamining, Textmining;
u Methods of sampling and processing of results;
u Microeconomic forecasting models.

The most important scientific and educational works:


STAVRIANOU A., VELCIN J., CHAUCHAT J.H., 2010, oPROG: A Complementary Model to the Social Networks for Mining Forumso in From Sociology to Computing in Social Networks. Memon, Nasrullah; Alhajj, Reda (Eds.). Springer. p.59-79
CHAUCHAT J.H. ET RAKOTOMALALA R., 2001, "Sampling Strategy for Building Decision Trees from Very Large Databases Comprising Many Continuous Attributes", Chap. 9, in Instance Selection and Construction - A Data Mining Perspective, H. Motoda & H. Liu ed., Kluwer Academic Publishers, p.179-188.
CHAUCHAT J.H. ET RISSON A., 1998, "BERTIN's Graphics and Multidimensional Data Analysis". Chapitre 3, in Visualization of Categorical Data, Blasius J. & Greenacre M. ed., Academic Press. P.37-45.
BOURNOIS F., CHAUCHAT J.H. ET ROUSSILLON S., 1994, "Training and Management Development in Europe", in "Policy and Practice in European Human Resource Management, the Price Waterhouse Crandfield Survey", Routledge ed., London & New York. P.122-138.

Papers in the international peer reviewed journals:

SILIC A., MORIN A., CHAUCHAT J.H, DALBELO BASIC B. 2012, oVisualization of Temporal Text Collections Based on Correspondence Analysiso. Expert Systems with Applications, An Intl Jnl. a paraitre.
CHAUCHAT J.H, ZOLOTARYOVA I., 2011, oCompetence Orientation in Business Informatics International Master Programo. J. Riga Technical University 5 series Datorzinatne. vol.46, pp 99-103
GRABOVA O., DARMONT J., CHAUCHAT J.H, ZOLOTARYOVA I., 2010, oBusiness Intelligence for Small and Middle-Sized Entrepriseso. SIGMOD Record, vol. 39, p.39-50
WEI Z., MIAO D., CHAUCHAT J.H., 2009, oN-grams based feature selection and text representation for Chinese Text Classificationo, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS), vol. 2 (2009) p.365-374
PETROVIC S., DALBELO BASIC B., MORIN A., ZUPAN B., CHAUCHAT J.H, 2009, oTextual Features for Corpus Visualization Using Correspondence Analysiso. Intelligent Data Analysis, vol. 13, p.795-813
SEBBAN M., NOCK R., CHAUCHAT J.H., RAKOTOMALALA R., 2001, "Impact of Learning Set Quality and Size on Detection Tree Performances : a Comparative Study", IJCSS, International Journal of Computers, Systems and Signals. 1(1), 85-105.

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